Sidera scalable ecosystem revolves around a new revolutionary way of storing crypto: Decentralized Wearable Devices (DWD). Your funds are secured around your wrist, fully encrypted, allowing offline wrist-to-wrist transactions and a plethora of other innovactive characteristics, such as: – Entropy seed generation with the arm movement; – NFC POS payments with on-the-fly crypto-to-FIAT conversion; – Ghost mode, and much more! The security of the device, and its integrated hardware wallet, is assured by a body sensor placed under the smartwatch. This sensor will analyze from your body a few signals (movement, perspiration, etc.) elaborating a specific ID in which will be encrypted the private seed of the hardware wallet. If somebody stoles your device he won’t manage to access any funds because the sensor will reject his body. Sidera is releasing also Continuum: the first completely wearable decentralized exchange!

TOKEN SALE 2018-09-01 - 2018-09-30

Ticker: eQUOS
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Token price: 1 eQUOS = 2 USD
Fundraising Goal: 15,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 50,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 36,720,000
Whitelist/KYC: Yes
–°an't Participate: USA, China
Bonuses: Available
Accepts the following: ETH, Fiat


Country: Lithuania
Role of Token: Wearing the Future
Number of Team Members: 36
Unsold Tokens: Burned







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