Pixie is a fully operational discovery, payment and reward platform that connects independent businesses to people, so they trade freely,quickly and securely anywhere in the world. A holistic solution is needed to allow independent businesses around the world to compete effectively against big brands and online e-commerce sites, and to allow customers to more effectively engage with local business communities. Pixie have been working tirelessly for four years, working with independent businesses and users across the UK and wider to understand their need for a joined up experiential, payment and reward platform. The platform has been built and is actively operating and already fulfilling these needs. The vision is for Pixie to become established as a global payment choice for independent businesses and sole traders, and provide a one-stop solution for people to discover, pay, and earn rewards at independent businesses across the globe. The PXE Token will underpin our growing community of independent businesses and local explorers across the globe by providing a decentralised local currency that allows direct payments and rewards between them. The Pixie Platform comprises three aspects of Discovery, Payment, and Rewards, to provide a ‘virtuous cycle’ for businesses and customers. Discovery – A curated platform where users can easily discover independent businesses, events, festivals and markets. Payments – A smartphone interaction between businesses and user when paying in-store or in-app using e-money or cryptocurrency wallets. Reward – Our cryptocurrency backed reward scheme that rewards users across all Independent Businesses. A Case for Cryptocurrency – Pixie will create a dual wallet for users, retaining the existing e-money wallet for day-to-day transactions, and then creating a new open and transparent cryptocurrency wallet through our Pixie token. This dual-wallet approach gives businesses the stability of taking day-to-day payments in fiat currencies, whilst simultaneously introducing cryptocurrencies to users in a safe and exciting way by awarding Pixie Tokens for transactions.

TOKEN SALE 2018-08-01 - 2018-10-31

Ticker: PXE
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Token price: 1 PXE = 0.000002 ETH
Fundraising Goal: 101,000 ETH
Total Tokens: 100,000,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 40,000,000,000
Whitelist/KYC: Yes
Сan't Participate: USA, China, South Korea
Bonuses: None
Accepts the following: ETH


Country: Gibraltar
Role of Token: Passionately Independent
Number of Team Members: 04
Unsold Tokens: Burned





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