#MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time.

Technical information

More than five billion transactions per day Under three seconds transaction confirmation Five stages of consensus building verification #MetaHash block anchors in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks Speed – Up to 3 seconds to confirm a transaction with cores – More than 5 billion transactions per day – 1 node can handle more than 100,000 transactions per second – Machine learning algorithm that defines the roles of nodes and their distribution across the network Reliability – Each transaction is protected by 5 different consensus algorithms – It’s impossible to gain control over the network even with a budget of billions of dollars – Real decentralization amongst real people rather than groups of dominant pools with gigantic mining farms Blockchain Interoperability – Send transfers from #MetaHash directly to other networks – Digital assets (tokens) of other networks can be used in the #MetaHash network – even Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 – Any asset can be converted into a #MetaHashCoin – #MetaHashCoins (#MHC) can be transferred to the Ethereum or Waves networks and sent back through mirrored smart contracts

#MetaToken application allows users to tokenize #MHC into digital assets automatically (mainly based on the ERC20, but not only that).

TOKEN SALE 29 Jun 2018 - 29 Jul 2018

Ticker: MHC
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Token price: 1 MHC = 0.0391 USD
Fundraising Goal: 36,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 2,300,000,000 MHC
Available for Token Sale: 920,000,000 MHC
Whitelist/KYC: No
–°an't Participate: None
Bonuses: None
Accepts the following: ETH


Country: Russia
Role of Token: The Fastest Crypto-currency in the World
Number of Team Members: 50
Unsold Tokens: Burned








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