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Invox Finance

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The Invox Finance Platform is an invoice lending platform disrupting a US$2.8 trillion industry. Lead by a stellar team with over $30 million of invoice financing behind them, Invox Finance is creating a decentralized peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors, and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information. Currently, the invoice financing industry is held back by: High-interest rates, Lack of contact between parties, High risks, Lack of investment divers it, Disputes, Defrauding, Insolvency. Invox Finance’s decentralized platform allows dynamic invoices to be created on a distributed ledger, benefiting all parties from an increase in trust, transparency, efficiency, and security with minimal fees. Invoice fragmentation allows investors to spread their risk across hundreds of invoices, allowing for very low-risk investments with maximum returns.

TOKEN SALE 2018-04-15 - 2018-09-30

Ticker: INVOX
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Token price: 1 ETH = 10,000 INVOX
Fundraising Goal: 20000 ETH
Total Tokens: 600,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 320,000,000
Whitelist/KYC: No
Сan't Participate: USA, China
Bonuses: None
Accepts the following: ETH


Country: Australia
Role of Token: The Most Innovative Invoice Lending Platform
Number of Team Members: 18
Unsold Tokens: Burned





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