Celes Chain

Celes Chain


Celes Chain is an innovative public chain driven by financial services/applications and providing access for regulators and policy makers. Regulators are “super administrators” on the chain and regulate Celes Chain and their applications in all dimensions. In addition, Celes Chain reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of regulations. Therefore, it rebuilds the competition of market and the confidence of institutions. Celes Chain smart script language, CSSL, is used to develop the business logic of CC, including services such as code, applications, smart contracts, and settlements. The features – including Turing complete, assessment of consumption, automatic execution, compatible with legal compliance, easy-to-use and privacy protection and so on – supports our ultimate goal: “Code is law”. Celes Chain has the compiler specifically designed for translating business logics to legal documents. We set regulators as the special users with maximum access to all levels, all data.

TOKEN SALE 2018-08-01 - 2018-10-31

Ticker: CCHN
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Token price: 1 CCHN = 0.1 USD
Fundraising Goal: 35,000 ETH
Total Tokens: 2,100,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 420,000,000
Whitelist/KYC: Yes
Сan't Participate: North Korea, Syria, USA
Bonuses: Available
Accepts the following: ETH


Country: China
Role of Token: A Public Blockchain for Institution
Number of Team Members: 12
Unsold Tokens: Burned






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