ECT Token/ICO Interview

Eurocoin (ECT) Token/ICO Interview

We had the pleasure of getting to sit down and talk with Skyft ICO, we asked a bunch of questions and here are there replies.

What is Your Coin/Token Name?

Eurocoin token ( ECT )

Your Website URL?

What is your ICO/Project about?

Pay with the crypto you want in your favorite stores. The Eurocoinpay payment gateway is an application of the market that allows its users to pay with the cryptocurrency they desire in any establishment, be it a café in a bar, a haircut, a meal in your favorite restaurant or a T-shirt in the most usual clothing store. It is a real usability proposal for cryptocurrencies where we can choose with the currency we want to pay in any business, also the business decides with the currency you want to charge supports an intelligent contract deployed in Ethereum ERC 20 merged with IOTA this allows us quick and economic transactions, our value propositions as a project.

When was the company launched?

January 2017

How did you come up with the idea?

Since 2011 I had information about bitcoin and with the passage of time.I was acquiring knowledge in the network as early as 2014 and after a stay in the United States we opened a physical store in León Spain offering advice on buying and selling bitcoin obtaining some commissions to be intermediated, the questions of our customers were always the same. How can we buy with bitcoin in stores or how do we spend our bitcoin or can we change our bitcoin for fiat money? Our proposal was born a payment gateway to give usability to all virtual currencies in the market uniting the crypto world with the real world of the economy.

What makes participants want to join you? What do people get in return?

Eurocoin Token is not a simple speculative token, we have given it the value of being able to use it as a means of exchange in all establishments that accept payments with cryptocurrencies or fiat money, fact that makes it a speculative token in the exchange but with real market usability And we also make it easy. Being backed by a business project with a good vision and purpose we will get these participants who buy our token will increase the value of their investment with the capitalization increase of our company. We believe that our toke offers solutions that people need.

Tell us a bit about your team and it’s strengths? Do your team members have relevant background and experience?

Our team consists of 14 employees 5 technicians 2 support 3 team consultant 2 administrative 2 address, the strength is in the integration and involvement of all of them in the company.

S.A. Shareholder Marisa, Our CEO Herminio has extensive experience in disruptive business projects, with major milestones achieved in several sectors, several of them with more than 25 years of life, some still in production today

General Coordinator Rafa Cuadrado expert with several years in the direction and management of companies.

Facundo Martin Chief Engineer development blockchain smart contract and micro payments with several developed projects.

Sebastian Nielsen Blockchain programmer, responsible for creating the EUROCOIN TOKEN and the EUROCOIN CASH cryptocurrency as well as the APP has several projects created

Marcelo blockchain programmer, development manager APP and corporate website.

Tonmi graphic designer project

Peter (Austria) Gustavo (Argentina) Jonh (England) team of advisers and internationalization of the eurocoinpay project.

What will be the Token Usage?

It will be used as a means of payment in all shops and SMEs and also as a speculative tab in the exchanges.

Have you talked with any exchanges about their interested in enabling trading of your ICO tokens?

We have not offered it.

Where do you see the value of your Coin in the medium to long term and the ultimate benefit for token holders?

In the global project of the company with 4 different business lines, eurocoin token, eurocoin cash, eurocoinpay, exchange, diversifying specific risks as any traditional company, the experience of our management team with business projects for many years studying in detail the possible bottlenecks of this market and the great scalability of the sector with important levers in the traditional trade to digitize your stores with payments in crypto. All this we believe that in the short term we will have a big market increase with great growth of our company, contributing a great value to our token therefore our card holders will be compensated with increases of profits in their investment.

Extra Comments Any

For a better world. From our strongest purpose we want to contribute to a change of economy where the financial transactions we make in our day to day are faster, safer and more transparent.



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